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This page contains various articles on best business practices, ways to save money and run your business more cost-effectively. Our goal is to share information from various sources with our customers in an effort to help ease the strain on businesses in these tough economic times. We will add articles from time to time, so please check back on a regular basis.

Mailing Equipment, Software & Technical Information

Cost to handle paper documents – learn how much it actually costs to handle, share and store paper documents.

Single vs. Multi-Carrier Shipping Software – learn about the advantages of a single-source shipping system.

VoIP’s Impact on Mail Machines – new technology can have an impact on how your mail machine functions. This article addresses some of the issues related to how VoIP can affect your mail machine.

3 “C’s” That Mailers Need To Be Aware of: CSA, CAT and CET – learn the meaning of these three important acronyms.

USPS Information & Updates

USPS First Class Ancillary Services (5/13) – Service endorsements the USPS offers to keep you informed when a customer or prospect has an address change.

Obtaining Postage Refunds (3/12) – The steps for getting postage reimbursed on incorrectly metered mail.

Shape Based Pricing Overview – Mail pieces no longer ship based on weight alone; weight, shape and thickness determine price.

Business Focus

5 Tips To Reduce Business Costs (5/16) – Simple changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Does Multitasking Do What We Want It To Do? (8/15) – Multi-tasking may not be as effective as you think.

5-ways-to-be-more-productive (5/15) – Scientific findings show how your environment can improve your productivity.

The Number One Skill (3/14) – Learn about the one thing you can improve upon that is guaranteed to make you more successful.

Managing Your Emails More Effectively (8/13) – Learn about Zappos CEO’s, Tony Hsieh’s system for more effectively managing emails.

10 Tips For Effective Public Speaking (5/12) – Improve your speaking effectiveness with these straightforward tips.

Secrets Of Positive Feedback (3/12) – How to give and receive positive feedback.

Most Important Rules of Money Management (8/11) – rethinking how to handle money.

5 Small Business Tips For Spring – 5 quick tips for a great start to Spring.

Take Time To Save Time – this article by Jeanie Marshall provides ways every successful person gain more time to accomplish their goals.

25 Money Saving Tips For Small Business – this article by Dawn Kraus provides practical ways to reduce every day costs.

Changing Quality in Organizations – 32 small steps any business can take to help improve quality.

Improving Employee Productivity – this guide discusses how to improve worker productivity when monetary incentives are not possible.

Tactics For Improving Yourself and Your Employees – this article by Dr. Jim Sellner provides basic ways to become more resilient in life.


QR Codes FAQ (5/12) – the who/what/where/when basics of Quick Response Codes.

General Interest

Handling Change (8/14) – 5 tips on how to reduce the stress of changes in your life.

Procrastination (5/14) – 6 tips to eliminate procrastination in your life.

Being Happy In The Present Moment – 6 practical tips on achieving happiness.

5 Practices for Less Stress & More Joy – this article by Helaine Iris provides some practical ways to reduce stress.


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