Duplo Print Finishing Equipment – Finish What You Start

No job is complete without the finishing touches that provide a professional, high-quality image for your company or customer. CMS is proud to represent Duplo USA – the leader in print finishing solutions. Duplo’s wide range of document finishing options – from folders, slitter / cutter / creasers, collators, binders, saddle-stitchers, pressure sealers, UV laminators and die-cutters – provide unprecedented options to our Clients.

Duplo’s on-demand finishing products provide businesses, schools and other organizations with manageable solutions to assemble, organize and produce materials on a cost-effective basis, while commercial printing environments are afforded dynamic solutions to meet even the highest volume needs.

Our finishing equipment helps you enhance productivity, minimize outsourcing, implement better workflow and deliver quality products for customers. Regardless of how demanding your requirements, you’re sure to find the right solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Duplo Collators

Our collators help you sort and assemble multi-page documents into neat, organized sets, minimizing manual handling and errors and preparing them for binding or storage. Expand the capacity of your finishing processes with Duplo Collators – collating systems that feed both offset and digital print applications and combine with either a stacker, binder or saddle-stitching system. Achieve greater flexibility in job setup and quick changeovers between jobs.

Whether you have standard collating needs or require a specialized direct mail collator, Duplo has an option that will fit your needs.

Duplo Cutters

Looking for a precision guillotine cutter in a small footprint? Duplo offers a variety of options – from electric to hydraulic – that offer easy setup and pinpoint accuracy in order to help you significantly reduce errors and expensive reprints. Programmable options store both jobs and cuts, which saves time by eliminating the need to set up jobs every time they’re run. Feature-rich options, such as a color LCD touch screen, light beam across the cutting line, and light sensors to disable the cutting knife when an object comes too close, ensure the Duplo’s cutters are the safest, easy-to-use option available today.

Duplo CC330 card cutter

Looking for a card cutter with a small footprint? Duplo business card cutter is a tabletop solution that takes up a small space and is easy to use. Its flexible options and interchangeable slit/perforation cassettes give you the ability to cut a variety of types of applications – from business cards, postcards, greeting cards, and photos – easily and efficiently.

No matter what your need, Duplo has an option for you.

Duplo Creasers – The Cutting Edge

Our finishing equipment denver keeps you on the cutting edge whether you have small or large volume needs. Don’t settle for Duplo DC646 slitter cutter creaser ordinary communication pieces, customize your direct mail, promotional or business materials to create an exciting, unique image that will get noticed every time. Duplo’s Rotary Die Cutters allow you to produce custom-shaped yet cost-effective brochures, mailers and even retail packaging that will stand out in a crowd.

Our solutions can help you gain greater efficiency by combining cutting, creasing and slitting into a single operation. What once required separate steps and different pieces of equipment, can now easily be handled in a single operation on one machine. Our range of all-in-one slitter / cutter / creasers
gives you a variety of solutions that meet your needs and the size of your budget.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right solution to fit your specific needs and budget.

Duplo Binders – Bound To Be Perfect

DBMi-Saddle-System Ensure your brochures, pamphlets and other marketing and business materials are assembled and presented in the most professional fashion. Duplo USA delivers a wide variety of finishing options to meet your specific requirements. Our booklet and binding equipment make book production more streamlined. Automated features and single-operator functions make on-demand production easy. Modular design allows for expansion of your operation.

Whether you need a short-run solution or a high production option, Duplo Bookletmakers and Saddle Stitchers provide units that fit the bill. From simple jobs that call for collating and assembly to high production projects requiring creasing and slitting capabilities, all can be accomplished in-line, eliminating the need for separate equipment and steps to get the job done. Single-operator functionality and quick change-overs ensure time and cost efficiencies. Scalable add-ons allow for expansion as your needs increase, making these a perfect fit.

Have a booklet that requires a flat spine? We offer a variety of Perfect Binders, from short-run, on-demand printing applications utilizing central desktop control, to commercial-level options that incorporate state-of-the-art gluing systems and automated, self-cleaning features that save many hours of labor. No matter your needs, our solutions are the perfect choice.

The Finishing Touch

Why settle for ordinary marketing materials when you can embellish them with extra pizzaz that makes them stand out from the crowd?

Duplo’s coat / foil laminator provides extra sparkle and highlights on brochures, postcards, invitations, direct mailers and other marketing materials, in one pass and on one machine. Whether you want to dry DDC810-UV-Coatercoat, foil or laminate, you can add color and shimmer using a single machine that is compact and easy to use.

Spot UV Coaters give extra depth and highlights to areas you wish to feature, providing a new visual experience and tactile interaction with your product or service. Or, choose to solid coat the entire face of your piece for added protection. Depending upon your application, you can choose smudge-free gloss, matte or satin coatings that result in a clean finish on both sides of your mailer, brochures, business card, book covers and more. UV Coaters will enhance the value and vibrancy of all your printed pieces.

Duplo Folders – Improve Productivity

If you are manually handling mail, Duplo paper folder inserter machine can save you time and money while enhancing morale. Our letter folding equipment makes quick work of folding either offset or digitally printed documents such as letters, brochures and sales sheets. A wide variety of popular fold types are available, including letter, legal, ledger as well as right angle folds. Switch from one type to another without any required adjustments. Both air suction and friction feed options are available. Duplo tabletop folders are quiet and easy to use. CMS offers a range of folder options, including the entry level PF60, the fully automatic PF90 or the high volume DF777. From the smallest office to the busiest mail center, we have an option to fit your needs.

Training, Support, and Services

Above all, we’re committed to helping you every step of the way. Our team will assist you in evaluating which equipment will best suit your needs, then provide training to ensure you are up and running with little interruption to your current operations.

View our selection of equipment to discover the benefits of Duplo products. Contact us today ( 303-761-0681 or
email us ) for more information.