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The FAQ page includes helpful information regarding Postal Rates, simple Troubleshooting methods, CMS, manufacturer and answers to other questions that may arise.

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Some information is available to download or print for your convenience, or your may be directed to our YouTube channel for reference videos.

Either way, feel free to bookmark this page for quick and easy reference especially for those things that only come up once or twice a year. Have a suggestion for a subject you’d like to see included? Send us a message here.


“What are the Temporary 2021 USPS Holiday postal rates?”

The USPS has increased parcel shipping rates for the 2021 holiday season, which will be in effect from October 3 through December 26. First-Class letters, postcards, flats, newsletters and magazines will not be affected. For a summary of the temporary pricing go to: Holiday 2021 Temporary Postal Rates Summary


“What are the August 2021 USPS postal rates?”

The USPS raised postal rates for a second time on August 29, 2021.  First-Class Mail rates increased to $0.58 retail, while mail machine metered rates increased to $0.53. The USPS increased the size of postcards that qualify for the postcard rate from the current 4.25″ x 6″ to 6″ x 9″. For an overview of pricing go to: August 2021 Postal Rate Summary


“How can I tell if new USPS Rates have been downloaded my postage meter?”

It’s easy to determine if your rates have been downloaded. To explain, follow these simple instructions: IX Series; IS/IM/IN Series


“How do I download new USPS postal rates onto my mail machine?”

We’ve provided instructions for downloading new postal rates on our Rate Change Page or Watch Video


“Who do I contact regarding questions about rate changes?”

If you have questions about your Rate Change Protection or need rate updates, please contact Quadient directly at 800-636-7678 or go to rate change support page on the Quadient website.


“How do I redate postage if I missed a mail date?”

The USPS requires that the date a mailpiece goes in the mail must be printed on the indicia.  If you missed your mail pickup you’ll need to print the current date on the back of the mailpiece.  To clarify, follow these downloadable instructions or video.


“How do I get a refund for incorrectly imprinted postage?”

Take the affected mail pieces to your local Post Office that handles your company’s mail and fill out a Form 3533 – Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees – within 60 days of the metered date. Additionally, we’ve included Detailed instructions for your convenience.


“How do I set up Department Codes on my mail machine?”

Set up Department Codes when you want to track postage use to a specific group (for internal purposes or when you need to bill out postage to another company). We have provided written instructions as well as a video to walk you through how to add department codes in your mail machine.


“What do I do to be IMpB compliant?”

All parcels, packages, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items of any shape, size or price category (including Flat-rate boxes and envelopes) will require a label with a tracking barcode. This FAQ contains highlights of label options and requirements. IMpB FAQ.



“What Is a PSD Lockout? How Do I Fix It?”

The USPS requires your meter communicate with the server at least once every three months. If it doesn’t then an “PSD Locked” error message will display on your meter and you will be unable to print postage.  This applies only to IN/IM/IS Quadient models.  For printed instructions: How To Clear a PSD Lockout.  For video instructions:  Video


“How do I add postage to my mail machine?”

It’s easy to add Postage to your postage meter.  Just follow the instructions here, or to demonstrate Watch Video


“How do I install an ink cartridge or ink tank into my mail machine?”

There are instructions for changing your ink cartridge or ink tank on each box.  You can also get easy to follow instructions here, refer to your equipment manual, or Watch Video


“How do I tell when an ink cartridge was put into my mail machine?”

Your mail machine captures the date a new ink cartridge was installed.  You can identify this date by following these simple instructions:

  1. Go to the Main Menu on your mail machine
  2. Select Option 12 (Ink Cartridge)
  3. Select Option 1 (Ink Cartridge Information)

The “First Used Date” is when the cartridge was put in the machine and used.  You will also see an indicator of the amount of ink used.  While this is a good general indicator, it may not be completely accurate as there are two print heads within a single cartridge and one may be lower on ink than the other. To demonstrate the process, you can click here to Watch Video.


“How can I tell how much ink is left in my ink cartridge?”

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Menu button
  2. Select Ink Cartridge (Option #12)
  3. Choose Ink Cartridge Information

You can get printed instructions here, or Watch Video


“How do I print postage on a label or meter strip?”

You can print postage on a meter strip by selecting the label key on your postage meter and indicating how many labels you would like to print.  Watch our video for easy to follow instructions.


“Why does my postage meter only print part of the postage amount on my envelopes?”

If only part of the postage indicia prints out on the envelopes (e.g., the lower half prints but the top half does not), this typically means the cartridge needs to be replaced.  There are two print heads within a single cartridge, and one may be lower on ink than the other.  While your machine may indicate there is ink left in the cartridge overall, unfortunately it doesn’t indicate the difference between the two print heads. Also, if the machine is used intermittently, the print heads can dry out.  Even so, you can take the cartridge out of the machine, lightly wipe off the print heads with a clean, slightly damp cloth or paper towel, and replace the cartridge into the machine. To illustrate you can Watch Video . If this does not correct the problem, then you will need a new ink cartridge.


“How do I improve my mail machine’s print quality and ink consumption?”

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your mail machine is not consuming ink unnecessarily and prints clearly every time. This FAQ outlines some simple steps you can take to improve your mail machines performance. For printed instructions click here: Improving Print & Ink Consumption or watch this Video


“How do I seal envelopes on my mail machine without printing postage?”

You can select a seal-only function on your mail machine.  You can find instructions here.


“How do I clear a jam/misfeed in my mail machine?”

Jams and misfeeds can happen in the feeder, dynamic scale or base of your mail machine.  So each section has easy release mechanisms that allow you to clear jammed material.  Follow these printed instructions or watch our video.


“How do I generate reports from my mail machine?”

You can easily generate single reports viewable on-screen or multiple reports and download them to an excel spreadsheet.  This helpful video gives you step-by-step instructions.


“How do I add a slogan to my postage meter imprint?”

Quadient provides hundreds of slogans that you can download onto your postage meter and imprint on your envelopes next to the postal indicia.  You can find all the options in your myquadient.com account.  In fact, this video shows you how to print them from you mail machine.


“How do I add a custom text message on my postage meter imprint?”

You can print custom text messages on your envelopes using your mail machine. For example, you can include new offers, thank customers for their business – the sky’s the limit!  This video shows you how easy it is!



“Where do I send postage, leasing and invoice payments?”

Please send your CMS invoice payments (for maintenance agreements, supplies, etc.) to:
3001 S. Tejon St Ste A, Englewood, CO 80110-1340.
For a complete list of Quadient leasing and postage payment addresses or wiring information, click on your equipment type: Formerly Neopost/Neofunds, Formerly Hasler/TotalFunds.


“Why am I being billed for property tax?”

Property taxes are assessed by each county and passed on to all end users, including non-profit organizations.  As with all property taxes, they are invoiced in arrears so you would not be invoiced for property taxes in the first year of your lease.

Depending upon how your lease was written, the property tax amount may be included in the lease payment.  In other cases, it may be kept as a separate charge and billed annually.

Click here for more detailed information.



“What is your return policy on postage meter supplies?”

We sell both inking systems and labels to our customers. All unopened supplies, with the exception of special orders and non-stock items, can be returned to us within 60 days of shipment for a credit, which can be applied to future purchases (no refunds). Within the 60 days, if you have already paid the invoice for the supplies you wish to return, we will issue a credit against the invoice, less the shipping and handling charges. Also, please be aware that, in some cases, there may be a restocking fee.

No credit given for supplies that:

  1. Have been opened or partially used
  2. Weren’t ordered from CMS
  3. Have been damaged and are not usable

For those customers who purchase supplies in quantity, please be aware that we are not responsible for any defective supplies beyond these timeframes.

To avoid any potential problems, we suggest that you keep track of the average time it takes to use your supplies and mark a reorder time on your calendar. We keep a full line of supplies on hand at all times and subsequently can ship same-day, if needed.


“What is your policy for defective postage meter supplies?”

If supplies are found and confirmed to be defective, a replacement will be shipped at CMS expense. Defective supplies must be shipped back to CMS for validation and the customer’s account may be credited for return shipping costs. The credit will be prorated for ink cartridges that have been used more than 60%.


“How long are credits valid?”

All credits must be redeemed within 1 year of issuance. Therefore, any unused credits will expire after 12 months.


“What is your policy for canceling maintenance contracts?”

Maintenance contracts must be canceled in writing from the customer, stating the reason for cancellation. Consequently, verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Maintenance contracts with less than 90 days remaining will not be refunded under any circumstances.
At management discretion, customers may be given a refund for the remaining part of their maintenance contract, less 30 days prorated, if:

  • Customer moves or relocates outside of CMS’ service area
  • Customer no longer has the equipment covered in the contract
  • By mutual agreement of CMS and customer
  • CMS management’s discretion.


“What do I need to do when my business moves?”

It is important to contact CMS when your business moves.  You should generate a letter (on your letterhead), addressed to Quadient Leasing (formerly MailFinance), providing your new address and the date you will be moving.  You should also indicate whether you want CMS to move your mailing equipment for you or not. Please be advised there is a fee for CMS to move the equipment.  Forward this letter to CMS at:  supplies@cms-colorado.com and then we’ll contact Quadient on your behalf to ensure all records are updated.   Please allow at least 15 business days for the changes to take place.

If you will be moving to a different ZIP code, you will need a new Town Circle on your meter.  Otherwise, the Post Office may return your mail to you (mail must be sent from the ZIP indicated on the Town Circle).  Once your address is updated, you can download the new Town Circle. Please feel free to contact CMS for instructions when you are ready to download. However, if a Service Tech is moving equipment for you, they will download the new Town Circle.


“What do I need to do when my business changes its name?”

It is important to contact CMS when the name of your business changes (but not ownership).  You should generate a letter (on your letterhead), addressed to Quadient Leasing (formerly MailFinance), indicating what the new company name will be and when the name change will take effect.  You should also include a W9 with the new name of the company.  Please include a contact name, phone and email address in case there are any questions.  Once you send this letter to CMS at:  supplies@cms-colorado.com we’ll contact Quadient on your behalf to ensure all records are updated.


“What do I need to do when my business changes its ownership?”

It is important to contact CMS when your business will be experiencing a change of ownership. You should generate a letter (on your letterhead), addressed to Quadient Leasing (formerly MailFinance), providing the name, phone and email of the new owner(s) as well as the existing owners along with documentation of the change (Articles of Ownership, new W9, tax certificates, etc.). Please include the name/phone/email address of the individual who should be contacted in case of questions. Send this letter to CMS at: supplies@cms-colorado.com and we’ll contact Quadient on your behalf to ensure all records are updated. Please allow up to 45 days for the changes to take place.
Then Quadient will follow up with new paperwork to be signed by both the current and new owners.


“What do I need to do when my business closes?”

It is important to contact CMS when your business will be closing.  You should generate a letter (on your letterhead), addressed to Quadient Leasing (formerly MailFinance), notifying us that you will be closing your business and the date you wish your meter to be cancelled.  Please include full contact info (name/phone/email address) of the individual who should be contacted during the cancellation process.  Please make sure the phone and email will be active after the business closes to ensure that appropriate follow up can occur.

Send this letter to CMS at:  supplies@cms-colorado.com and we’ll contact Quadient on your behalf. Then Quadient will follow up with any costs to cancel and related fees that may apply. Additionally, they will include how to return your equipment and get any postage remaining on the meter, reimbursed. Important point to consider is that all meters are the property of the United State Postal Service and must be returned.  However, Quadient won’t consider your rental or lease cancelled until the equipment is returned.   This process can take several weeks for Quadient to complete.  Reimbursement of postage from the USPS can take up to 6-8 weeks.



“I need a copy of CMS’ or Quadient’s (formerly Neopost) W9”

For a copy of our current W9, go to: CMS 2021 W9 or check out our W9 page for CMS and Quadient.


“Why does some of the equipment look the same even though it has a different make and model number?”

The manufacturers of some equipment have entered into OEM agreements with other vendors. This allows the manufacturer to distribute their equipment to a larger market. Subsequently, some vendors re-name the equipment to match their brand and logo.


“What is the difference between Complete Mailing Solutions (CMS), a local independent dealer, and Quadient?”

CMS (Local Independent Dealer)

Quadient (Central District, TX)

Local sales of various brands of equipment, including new Quadient (formerly Neopost & Hasler)  products.Sales of ONLY Quadient (formerly Neopost and Hasler) products.
Sales and service calls are answered and dispatched from our Englewood, CO office.Calls are answered and dispatched from another state.
Supplies are shipped from Englewood: lower shipping costs for our customers.Supplies are shipped from out-of-state : higher shipping costs for customers.
Handles any customer-related issues and follows them through to satisfactory completion.Customer responsible for resolving issues via remote 800#.
All solutions and decisions are managed and implemented locally by CMS owner Paul Johnson.  The buck stops here!All solutions and decisions are handled by Neopost corporate – no specific contact.
Headquarters in Englewood, CO.Headquarters in Milford, CT.

Because we are local, we are your primary resource for sales, service and supplies for your mailing equipment.