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What is the difference between Complete Mailing Solutions (CMS), a local independent dealer, and Neopost USA?

CMS (Local Independent Dealer)

Neopost USA (Great Plains District, MN)

Local sales of various brands of equipment, including new Neopost & Hasler products (Neopost/Hasler brand depends on county). Sales of ONLY Neopost and Hasler products.
Sales and service calls are answered and dispatched from our Englewood, CO office. Calls are answered and dispatched from another state.
Supplies are shipped from Englewood : lower shipping costs for our customers. Supplies are shipped from out-of-state : higher shipping costs for customers.
Handles any customer-related issues and follows them through to satisfactory completion. Customer responsible for resolving issues via remote 800#.
All solutions and decisions are managed and implemented locally by CMS owner Paul Johnson.  The buck stops here! All solutions and decisions are handled by Neopost corporate – no specific contact.
Headquarters in Englewood, CO. Headquarters in Milford, CT.


Because we are local, we are your primary resource for sales, service and supplies for your mailing equipment.

Why does some of the equipment look the same even though it has a different make and model number?

The manufacturers of some equipment have entered into OEM agreements with other vendors. This allows the manufacturer to distribute their equipment to a larger market. Some vendors re-name the equipment to match their brand and logo.

Where do I send postage, leasing and invoice payments?

CMS invoice payments (for maintenance agreements, supplies, etc.) should be sent to 3001 S. Tejon St, Englewood, CO 80110. For a complete list of leasing and postage payment addresses or wiring information, click on the your equipment type: Neopost, Hasler .

Who do I contact regarding questions about rate changes?

If you have questions about your Rate Change Protection or need rate updates, please contact Neopost directly at 800-636-7678 or go to the Neopost website.

What are the 2018 USPS postal rates?

The USPS will raise postal rates effective January 21st. Retail First-Class Mail rates will increase to 50 cents while metered rates will increase to 47 cents. Mail machine users will qualify for commercial base discounts when using a label with an IMpb barcode. For an overview of pricing go to: January 2018 USPS Rate Chart Summary

How can I tell if the new USPS Rates have been downloaded onto my postage meter?

You can easily determine if your rates have been downloaded. Just follow these simple instructions: Rate Change Verification.

What do I do to be IMpB compliant?

All parcels, packages, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items of any shape, size or price category (including Flat-rate boxes and envelopes) will require a label with a tracking barcode. This FAQ contains highlights of label options and requirements. IMpB FAQ.

How do I download new USPS postal rates onto my mail machine?

We’ve provided instructions for downloading new postal rates on our Rate Change Page.

How do I get a refund for postage incorrectly imprinted on envelopes?

To get your money refunded, you’ll need to take the affected mail pieces to your local Post Office that handles your company’s mail and fill out a Form 3533 – Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees – within 60 days of the metered date. Detailed instructions.

What Is a PSD Locked Error Message and How Do I Fix It?

The USPS requires your meter communicate with the server at least once every three months. If it does not, an “PSD Locked” error message will display on your meter and you will be unable to print postage. How To Clear a PSD Lockout.

How do I improve my mail machine's print quality and ink consumption?

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your mail machine is not consuming ink unnecessarily and prints clearly every time. This FAQ outlines some simple steps you can take to improve your mail machines performance. Improving Print & Ink Consumption.

What is your return policy on postage meter supplies?

We sell both inking systems and labels to our customers. All unopened supplies, with the exception of special orders and non-stock items, can be returned to us within 60 days of shipment for a credit, which can be applied to future purchases (no refunds). Within the 60 days, if you have already paid the invoice for the supplies you wish to return, we will issue a credit against the invoice, less the shipping and handling charges. Please be aware that, in some cases, there may be a restocking fee.

There will be no credit given for supplies that:

  1. Have been opened or partially used;
  2. Were not ordered from CMS
  3. Have been damaged and are not usable

For those customers who purchase supplies in quantity, please be aware that we are not responsible for any defective supplies beyond these timeframes.

To avoid any potential problems, we suggest that you keep track of the average time it takes to use your supplies and mark a reorder time on your calendar. We keep a full line of supplies on hand at all times and can ship same-day, if needed.

What is your policy for defective postage meter supplies?

If supplies are found and confirmed to be defective, a replacement will be shipped at CMS expense. Defective supplies must be shipped back to CMS for validation and the customer’s account may be credited for return shipping costs. The credit will be prorated for ink cartridges that have been used more than 60%.

How long are credits valid?

All credits must be redeemed within 1 year of issuance. Any unused credits will expire after 12 months.

What is your policy for canceling maintenance contracts?

Maintenance contracts must be canceled in writing from the customer, stating the reason for cancellation. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Maintenance contracts with less than 90 days remaining will not be refunded under any circumstances.

At management discretion, customers may be given a refund for the remaining part of their maintenance contract, less 30 days prorated, if:

  • Customer moves or relocates outside of CMS’ service area
  • Customer no longer has the equipment covered in the contract
  • By mutual agreement of CMS and customer
  • CMS management’s discretion.

I need a copy of CMS', MailFinance or Neopost's W9

For a copy of our current W9, go to: CMS 2018 W9 or check out our W9 page for CMS, Mail Finance and Neopost.