Complete Data Protection

Trusted by thousands of businesses, NexusTek is a national managed IT services provider with a comprehensive portfolio comprised of end-user services, cloud, infrastructure, cyber security, and IT consulting.

Ranked among the top MSPs in North America and a two-time CRN Triple Crown Award winner, NexusTek designs holistic technology solutions for business customers to improve business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


NexusTek’s 24/7/365 domestically-staffed support team provides managed IT and IT outsourcing so that clients can focus on their business. NexusTek’s Cloud Services allows businesses to access data and applications anywhere at any time, while data backup and recovery keep businesses online in the event of a disaster. NexusTek’s Cybersecurity team performs risk assessments, updates systems with patches, monitors businesses for vulnerabilities, and offers 24/7 remote support for security breaches. NexusTek experts also set up on-premise and cloud-hosted business phone systems, procure and deploy hardware and technology solutions, and offer end-to-end IT management for businesses across the country.

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