Besides 2021 Rate Change information for the USPS you’ll also find UPS and FedEx information on this page.

USPS January 2021 Rate Change

The USPS will be changing First-Class Mail rates, which will take effect on January 24, 2021.  The retail First-Class Forever stamp would remain at 55 cents; however, other letter rates would increase.  There is no proposed changes to shipping costs at this time.  Some of the proposed changes include:


2020 Rate

2021 Rate

First-Class (Metered, 1 oz.)

$ .50

$ .51

Additional Ounce(s)

$ .15

$ .20

Domestic Postcards

$ .35

$ .36

For a summary of  pricing:  USPS 2021 Summary

For detailed  pricing:  USPS 2021 Rates

USPS January 2020 Rate Change

The USPS has received approval of their proposed rate change.  New rates will go into effect on January 26, 2020.  Unlike previous rate hikes, not all rates will increase.

  • First-Class Mail

First-Class Mail rates will stay the same for letters, postcards and flats.  However, the additional ounce rate will increase to $.20.

  • Priority Mail

Overall, Priority Mail rates will increase 4.9% in order to compete with FedEx and UPS.  Unlike FedEx and UPS, the USPS does not add fuel surcharges, residential delivery, or regular Saturday or holiday delivery fees.  Some of the proposed changes include:


2019 Rate

2020 Rate

Small Flat Rate Box

$  7.90

$  8.30

Medium Flat Rate Box



Large Flat Rate Box



  • Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express rates will increased by 3.5%.

Click here for summary chart of the new rates:  USPS 2020 Rates

Instructions For Downloading or Installing USPS Rates

Quadient (formerly Neopost/Hasler)

IS/IM/IN 300 Series
IS/IM/IN 400 Series
IS/IM /IN 600 Series
IS/IM/IN 700 Series
IS/IM/IN 5000
IS/IM/IN 6000




If you want to verify that the latest USPS Rates have been downloaded to your postage meter, click here for verification instructions: Rate Change Verification

UPS 2021 Rate Change

]UPS announced that shipping rates will increase an average of 4.9%  and will go into effect on December 27, 2020:

  • Ground, Air and International services will increase and average net 4.9%
  • Zip Codes where Area Surcharges are applicable will change
  • The rates for certain Value-Added services and Other Charges will increase

In addition:

  • Effective January 10, 2021, an Additional Handling charge will be applied to any package with its length plus girth combined exceeding 105 inches.
  • Effective April 11, 2021, Additional Handling and Large Package Surcharge rates for non-Hundredweight Service packages will differ by zone.
  • Effective July 11, 2021, Additional Handling and Large Package Surcharge rates for Hundredweight Service packages will differ by zone.

Details on all changes can be found at:  UPS Rates.

FedEx 2021 Rate Change

FedEx will be raising rates on January 4, 2021:

  • A 6% fee will be charged on late invoices to FedEx Express and FedRx Ground customers
  • FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Freight rates will increase an average of 4.9%

In addition:

  • Changes will go into effect on January 18, 2021 related to surcharges for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight.
  • Effective February 1, 2021 FedEx will change how fuel is assessed for FedEx Express Freight shipments.

For more detailed information on specific changes, go to FedEx Rates.