The Right Solutions – The Best Options

Postage meters and mail machines are practical and efficient tools for processing your mail. At CMS, we offer a broad range of equipment to manage your mail and flexible options to suit your needs and budget.

Using postage meter provides you with a number of benefits:

  • Savingsthe US Postal Service gives an automatic discount on First-Class Mail® to mail machine users and a 10% -12% discount (depending upon service used) over Retail prices when using Commercial Base Pricing
  • Convenienceenables you to print your own postage and process your mail quickly and efficiently
  • Time Savingsvirtually eliminates trips to the Post Office
  • Accurate Postagemail machines automatically download postal rates as they change; always pay the correct postage
  • Free Advertisingincorporate specialized marketing messages on your envelopes
  • Improved Accountingtrack postage from multiple accounts or departments for better budgeting and reconciliationPostage Meter Rental and Lease

The benefits are indisputable. The question each business must answer is whether it is better to lease or rent the equipment.

Options to Fit Your Needs & Budget

Whether you are looking for a “no frills” approach or want full support, there’s an option for your business.


Leasing is a flexible solution for most businesses and makes obtaining a mail machine easy and affordable. It does not require capital outlay upfront and payments are made for a predetermined period of time (Typically 3 – 5 years), which improves budget management.
One of the primary advantages of a postage meter lease denver is that it is all inclusive – it not only covers the equipment (base and postage meter*) but also includes local support plus:

– Initial setup and training of personnel who will be using the mail machine
– Annual preventive maintenance and as-needed local tech support if the equipment goes down
– USPS rate updates

At the end of the lease, equipment can be easily upgraded to newer technology, so you are never left with outdated equipment. Leases provide total peace-of-mind.


Rental programs are essentially a “no frills” option often for a shorter period of time (typically 1 – 3 years). Postage meter rental denver programs are attractive to small businesses with low-volume needs, who are not looking for local support.
Rental programs typically do not include on-site tech support as they are limited to equipment only, Users must set up the equipment themselves and preventive maintenance is not provided. Support is provided remotely, directly from the manufacturer and, if there is a problem with the unit, it must be returned to the manufacturer for a replacement. As a result, there is a risk of several days of down-time with this option.
Rental programs afford businesses the opportunity to have current technology and access to USPS rate updates to ensure the correct postage is affixed to mail.

The Right Fit

The size of your business, budget and unique mailing requirements will determine which approach is best for you. We have a Proven Process that will help you identify the best solution to fit your needs. Contact us at 303-761-0681 for more information.

*The postage meter, currently called a Postal Security Device (PSD), sits within the base of the mail machine base and imprints postage onto each envelope. In the United States, it CAN NOT be owned by an individual or company. It is owned by the manufacturer and licensed for use to individuals and companies for application of postage. It is kind of like a secured hard drive device that keeps track of your postage funds.